soul & marginalia.

scribbler of songs & singer of poems. cultivating my sense of wonder. bibliophile. funkateer. latebloomer.

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I am a performing musician, poet, and educator devoted to the development, implementation, and sustenance of projects that:

1. grow organically and extend my creative reach from the realm of the local into increasingly regional channels;

2. connect my work to global networks and communal spaces that I can’t visit (yet) through savvy use of social media and innovative technologies;

3. may appeal to mainstream audiences while remaining relevant and vital to the quirky, soulful folk that have continued to embrace my quirky, soulful work;

4. integrate and explore the intersections of arty, musical, techy, culturally thinky collaborative “stuff”;

5. incite radical kindnesses and embody the wholeness of grace;

6. validate curiosity, encourage experimentation, and nurture brilliance;

7. continually test the elasticity of the possible;

8. wed the precision of craft and the keenness of improvisation in the serendipitous union of time, space, and need that makes a “moment” (kairos);

9. respect intuition, engage critical thought, and dismantle unquestioned assumptions as a means to determine one’s own belief(s);

10. dig “big ideas” and recontextualize the familiar;

11. affirm the messy, moody bliss of living;

Now, I am painfully aware of how unrealistic these dreams may be and sound. Nevertheless, I am steeping the fullness of myselves into this unwieldy experiment I’ve got brewing. I’m kinda invested at this point. I believe in my deep-deep that complementarity explains much about what we observe through cultural realities and cosmological paradigms, yet refuse to seriously consider. I loves me some color and texture and angularity and oddity and juxtaposition and exuberance and modesty and anaphora. And sometimes, when I squinch my eyes tiny and tilt my head just so, I can even see the possible bending under the heft of—while simultaneously expanding to accommodate—the specificity of my calling. Thirty-two years in, I’ve just grown to expect—and even to embrace—paradox. Yes, I know how biggity this sounds, but that’s not how I mean it. I’ve just come to appreciate my inventory of gifts and through study, practice, and elbow-grease as I figure out what it means to be who I is and to do what I am to do.

My current objective is to do consistent and substantive work that manages to fill my spirit, even as it manages to fill my cupboards.

If my statement resonates with you, or if you’re intrigued by the kind of work I’ve attempted to explain here, let’s connect—and if you feel so led, please, pass it along.

Sincere and awesome inquiries only, please:

Yalonda JD Green, PhD
jd [at] jdgreensoul [dot] com

Take care,